Professional Consulting & Investigative Services

Who Is RPI Consulting & Security?

Steve Bailey



Founding Partner with RPI Consulting & Security  was a Law Enforcement Commander with experience in Special Investigations and Internal Affairs Divisions. He is an expert in conducting long-term complex investigations including wiretap investigations, homicide investigations, fugitive apprehension, large-scale international drug investigations and internal affairs investigations. Finally, Mr. Bailey received his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in 2014. 

Jennifer Johnson



Founding Partner with RPI Consulting & Security has extensive experience in Open Source Investigations, Cell Phone forensics, and Cell Phone mapping. She has experience with long-term and complex investigations as a member of the Special Investigations and the Internal Affairs Divisions. In addition, Ms. Johnson has had extensive experience managing large-scale projects in coordination with Fortune 500 companies and global professional service firms. Finally, Ms. Johnson has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Communications and a Master’s degree in Intelligence and Global Security.